Mist Modern Wireless Platform for the Modern Healthcare Facility

A Modern Wireless Platform for the Modern Healthcare Facility

Delivering Amazing Wireless Experiences to Patients, Caregivers, Visitors, Administrators and the IT Personnel that support them all.

Mist’s intelligent wireless platform takes a unique user-first approach to wireless. Built from the ground-up to deliver amazing wireless services for the Smart Device Era, Mist combines unprecedented insight into wireless user behavior with proactive actions for simpler operations and incredible mobile experiences.

The Mist platform lets you think centrally and act locally through a combination of cloud-based intelligence and on-premise Access Points.

Top attributes of the Mist platform include:

  • A purpose-built cloud architecture – The Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud (IWC) is designed to provide unprecedented visibility and control at web-scale, with a microservices architecture for extreme agility when rolling out new features/services.
  • Data science meets wireless wizardry – Mist uses machine learning, event correlation, and automation to ensure the wireless network is always optimized for constantly changing user requirements and device capabilities, with minimal manual IT intervention.
  • Integrated high accuracy location – The same platform used for business-critical Wi-Fi delivers highly contextual location services using enterprise-grade BLE. With Mist, you can see where mobile users are at all times, and deliver high-value location services with the click of a mouse. No physical beacons or site surveys are required.

The Mist platform also allows healthcare providers to offer services never before possible in a simple, seamless, and secure manner.

  1. Monitor patient’s quality of experience
  2. Asset location
  3. Accurate billing
  1. Faster check-in
  2. Richer in-room experience
  3. Easy Navigation
  4. Analytics
  1. No physical beacons
  2. Best accuracy and performance
  3. Predictive recommendations
  4. Quick problem remediation
  5. Easily assign resources
  1. Resource assignment
  2. Reliable access to records
  3. Asset location
  4. Find/Navigate
  5. Push messages/promotions

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