Secure ID

    Convenient Access to Any Platform

    The more resources people need access to, the more they need single sign-on (SSO). And it’s not just about making access convenient; it’s about making it secure. By enabling users to sign on once and have access to multiple resources – which today can number in the dozens – SSO reduces the effort required for access. At the same time, by reducing the number of access points (and all the easily compromised passwords that go with them), SSO reduces the organization’s points of vulnerability. Here’s what to look for in SSO solutions to ensure your organization realizes the greatest benefit from SSO in both convenience and security.

    Enable Your Remote Workforce with Modern Authentication

    With organizations moving more resources and operations to the cloud, and work and commerce happening just about anywhere there’s an internet connection, the challenge of securing access is growing. That makes the case for stronger authentication, and makes multi- factor authentication (MFA) a must. Strike the right balance by keeping these principles in mind:

    • ¬†The more ways to authenticate, the better for everyone¬†
    • Wherever the cloud takes you, your MFA solution should go with you
    • Authentication anywhere should be just that, even without an internet connection

    Move to the cloud your way

    Organizations face risks at all stages of their cloud transformations, whether they’ve adopted a cloud-first strategy, are dealing with shadow IT deployments or they’re being forced to move services formerly hosted in the cloud back on-premis es due to unexpected long-term costs. SecurID provides secure access to cloud-based and on-premises systems, with modern, user-friendly, risk-based multi-factor authentication and automated identity governance controls.

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