As the digital economy transforms, you must continue evaluating your IT infrastructure.

In a recent report, ESG found that while having the right storage technology is still vital, how technology interacts with its surrounding ecosystem is arguably more important than ever. The report outlined flexibility in four key areas as critical when evaluating storage: scale, data mobility, workload and modernization.
Dell PowerStore rises to the occasion in all four key areas outlined by ESG:

Flexibility of scale – AppsON allows the ability to provide storage capacity for applications running throughout the enterprise while offering a VMWare-based environment for hosting applications locally.

Flexibility for data mobility – Offers support for high-performance storage with NVMe lash and SCM. It can easily scale up and/or out to allow granular, efficient performance and/or capacity additions independently as needed.

Workload flexibility – A single architecture supports multiple storage protocols, including file and block, and integrates with virtualization environments (using Vols) as well as container environments.

Flexibility to modernize – Built to evolve as new storage technologies emerge. Its architecture and the unique Anytime Upgrade program support data-in-place upgrades through seamless controller swaps.