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Create high-margin services to lower cyber risk

Superior cyber protection

Combining cybersecurity, data protection, and backup ensures better protection with fewer resources. Scan backups for malware to avoid reinfection, ensuring safe and malware-free recoveries. Avoid false positives with global and local allowlists. Simplify mitigation with easy forensics.

Customize by workload

With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can easily attach the right protection to every workload at little to no cost. Additional advanced packs give you the flexibility to add robust protection for critical data, applications, and systems.

Streamline management

A single console enables you to set secure policies once and deploy them across multiple endpoints. Through a single interface, you can manage all of your clients and their usage without needing to bounce back and forth between cybersecurity and backup tools. It’s a simple interface to manage your clients’ infrastructure.

Only an integrated cybersecurity and data protection solution enables you with

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Next-gen Continuous Data Protection

Avoid even the smallest data loss in key applications.

acronics-aftab-Layer 2

Safe endpoint recovery

Integrate anti-malware updates and patches into the recovery process.

acronics-aftab-Layer 3

Data protection map

Monitor the protection status of files with classification, reporting and unstructured data analytics.

acronics-aftab-Layer 4

Smart protection plan

Auto-adjust patching, scanning and backup to current CPOC alarms.

acronics-aftab-Layer 5

Forensic backup

Image-based backup with valuable, additional data added to backups.

acronics-aftab-Layer 6

Better protection with less resources

Offload and enable more aggressive scans and vulnerability assessments in central storage, including cloud.

acronics-aftab-Layer 7

Fail-safe patching

Automatically backup endpoints before installing any patches to roll-back immediately.

acronics-aftab-Layer 8

Global and local allowlists

Create allowlists from backups support more aggressive heuristics by preventing false detections.

Expand your services with advanced protection packs

Add other powerful components to strengthen your services even further with advanced protection packs and unique cyber protection capabilities. Control your costs by paying only for the functionalities your clients need.

Advanced packs include:

Enhance your security services with integrated cyber protection that includes full-stack anti-malware. Increase your detection rate and responsiveness to the latest cyberthreats. Extend cyber protection to web browsing, backed-up data, the recovery process, and exploit prevention. Enable investigations by capturing forensic data in backups.

  • Full stack anti-malware
  • URL filtering
  • Exploit prevention

Defend clients’ data, even between scheduled backups. Extend backup capabilities to SAP HANA, Oracle DB, MariaDB, MySQL, and application clusters. You can also gain visibility into data-protection statuses across your clients’ infrastructure.

  • Continuous data protection
  • Data protection map
  • Off-host data processing

Get clients back to business in mere minutes when disaster strikes by spinning up their systems in the Acronis Cloud and restoring them anywhere, ensuring immediate data availability. Make disaster recovery painless and increase efficiency with orchestration, runbooks, and automatic failover.

  • Disaster recovery orchestration
  • Production failover
  • Site-to-site VPN

Block any email threat, including spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), advanced persistent threats (APTs), and zero days in seconds before it reaches end users. Leverage Perception Point’s next-generation technology for lightning-fast detection and easy deployment, configuration, and management.

  • Anti-phishing and anti-spoofing engines
  • Anti-evasion and account takeover protection
  • Next-generation dynamic detection against zero-days

Prevent leakage of sensitive data from client workloads via peripheral devices and network communications. Simplify DLP service provisioning and management by observing sensitive data transfers to automatically map DLP policies to clients’ business specifics.

  • Data loss prevention
  • Automatic initial DLP policy creation
  • Automated, user-assisted extension of enforced DLP policies

Get a full control over data location, management and privacy with a file sync and share service, including a transaction ledger to enable notarization and eSignature capabilities, across all platforms.

  • File notarization
  • Embedded eSignatures
  • Independent file verification

Streamline and automate your routine tasks via scripting and promptly close security gaps in clients’ infrastructure through patch management. Gain visibility into your clients’ software assets and data protection to ease daily tracking and planning tasks, and improve clients’ uptime by monitoring disk drives health.

  • Cyber scripting
  • Automated patch management
  • Disk drive health monitor

The flexibility that MSPs need

With our flexible licensing model, you can customize the services your clients need by client, by workload. Protect all data, applications and systems with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and add Advanced Security, Advanced Disaster Recovery, and Advanced Security for the most critical workloads.

Acronis-2nd-Layer 2

Three deployment options

Choose the deployment that’s right for you: Acronis-hosted (turnkey SaaS solution), hybrid (hosted and cloud storage), or service provider-hosted (private cloud).

Acronis-2nd-Layer 3

Multi-tier cloud architecture

Create a service distribution hierarchy with unlimited customer and partner account levels, plus manage unique offering and quotas using vertical grouping.

Acronis-2nd-Layer 4

Centralized management

Simplify everyday operations: a single pane of glass offers a multi-service, multi-tenant portal so you can easily manage your clients and service management tasks.

Acronis-2nd-Layer 5

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Meet the dynamic needs of your customers with a 100% pay-per-use licensing model. Per-GB and per-workload licenses are available – choose whichever works best for you.

Acronis-2nd-Layer 6

Service white labeling

Increase your brand recognition. With more than 20 customization options, you can customize your services and console to differentiate your business.

Acronis-2nd-Layer 7

Data center site selection

Ensure compliance and keep a local presence by choosing where to host the system and store customer data – access secure Acronis, Google and Microsoft data centers worldwide.


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