Windows 11 Pro for business is here

Powerful for Employees. Consistent for IT. Secure for all.

    Improve productivity and focus

    Help your team stay productive with a more intuitive and personalized user experience.

    Get organized with personalized desktops

    Create a custom desktop for each project and switch instantly between them from your taskbar.

    Snap groups remembers your layout

    Snap the apps you need into a group and seamlessly return to it even when you open another app or dock and undock your monitor.

    Productive from the start

    Improve your focus with a simpler, more intuitive experience and effortless navigation. Get things done with fewer steps using the refreshed Start, Taskbar, and Navigation Center.

    Smarter collaboration with Teams

    Have effective online meetings by sharing files and muting/unmuting right from your taskbar.
    Intelligent noise cancelling and blur keep the background in the background.

    Mute/unmute from taskbar

    Mute and unmute your mic directly from your taskbar without having to find and click on your meetings app.

    Share from taskbar

    Instantly share any app or window directly from your taskbar in online meetings.

    Consistent for IT

    App compatibility and cloud management make adoption easy. Built on the consistent and compatible Windows 10 foundation, Windows 11 can be managed with your familiar tools and processes.

    Advanced security out-of-the-box

    Modern threats require modern security with a strong alignment between hardware and software to help keep data safe and devices protected. Secure from the start, Windows 11 offers protection right out of the box with powerful, built-in hardware-based security.

    Security by default

    New Windows 11 devices come with build-in security including hardware isolation, encryption, and malware protection.

    Secure remote deployment

    Deploy, secure, and manage remote PCs through the cloud, in compliance with your company's policies.

    Seamlessly transition to Windows 11

    The next evolution of Windows is here. We have great tools for business of all sizes to help with the migration to Windows 11.

    Start your plan

    Learn about your existing deployment tools that will help define and assess your readiness to make Windows 11 deployment easy.

    Prepare for deployment

    Windows 10 apps will be compatible, backed by App Assure. Test critical apps and policies using a preview with Microsoft Insider Program.

    Deploy to your organization

    Use your existing tools to implement pilot and broad deployments, accelerate velocity and simplify the process.