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    Vade Secure for Microsoft 365

    Protect users—and business—from advanced phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks with Vade Secure for Microsoft 365. Sitting inside Microsoft 365 thanks to its native API integration, Vade Secure augments Microsoft 365’s reputation and signature-based defenses with AI-based predictive email defense—without requiring users to change their behavior.

    Artificial Intelligence to detect unknown, targeted attacks

    Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 blocks attacks from the first email, thanks to our behavioral filter engine that leverages heuristic rules and multiple AI technologies. Performing real-time behavioral analysis of the entire email, including URLs and attachments, Vade Secure leverages data and user feedback reports from 1 billion protected mailboxes worldwide to continually fine-tune the filter engine and ensure a high precision rate.

    Multi-faceted Anti-Phishing– Performs a real-time, multi-layered behavioral analysis of the email and URL, following any redirections to determine whether the final page is fraudulent. Machine learning models analyze 47 features of the email and URL for malicious behaviors, while computer vision algorithms scan for modified logos, QR codes, and other images commonly used in phishing attacks.

    Banner-Based Anti-Spear Phishing – Natural Language Processing algorithms interpret suspicious text, while anomaly detection builds an anonymous profile that establishes normal communication patterns for your employees. Detected anomalies, such as impersonation attempts or financial requests, trigger a customizable warning banner alerting the user.

    Behavioral-Based Anti-Malware – Performs comprehensive analysis of the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments. Going beyond scanning attachments, the solution detects malware well before anti-virus and sandboxing technologies, with no latency to users.

    Insider Threat Protection – Scans internal email traffic to prevent insider attacks using compromised accounts, thanks to native integration with Microsoft 365.

    Auto and One-click Remediation – Vade Secure augments threat detection with post-delivery threat remediation. With a real-time view of global threats, the engine is continuously learning, and will automatically remove any threat from user inboxes. Admins can also manually remediate messages with one click.

    Vade Threat Coach – Delivers automated, adaptive training to course-correct when a user opens a phishing email or clicks on a phishing link. Featuring gamified phishing training that is adapted to the brand impersonated in the phishing email, Threat coach fills the gaps in structured training with complimentary, on the fly learning content that reinforces best practices.

    Why Partner with Vade Secure

    MSPs have no shortage of vendors to support their clients’ cybersecurity needs. By partnering with Vade Secure, you get access to turnkey email security solutions that offer higher accuracy and higher margins— along with the expertise, resources, and support to make you successful every step of the way.


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    Channel Driven to the core

    “An effective email security product that is particularly geared towards Managed Service Providers.

    Innovative Solutions Purpose-Built for MSPS

    Vade Secure is at the forefront of applying emerging technologies (e.g. machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision) to detect advanced threats. We hold 11 patents and have received numerous awards for these innovations.

    Vade Secure, a Microsoft Partner, is aligned with Microsoft’s cloud strategy and allows you to strengthen your offering seamlessly. Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 is a “co-sell ready” solution from Microsoft and can very easily be sold as an additional layer of security in addition to EOP, the basic protection built into the Microsoft 365 suite.

    Easy Set Up and Maintenance for Busy MSPs and IT Admins

    Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 is easy to activate, requiring only a few clicks and no MX record changes. It’s a low maintenance solution that requires no end-user training and no complex configurations, allowing MSPs and IT Admins to spend less time administering and more time focussing on core objectives.

    • Instant Deployment – Get up and running in just a few clicks, without the hassle of changing MX records.
    • Native User Experience – Allowing end users to continue working in Microsoft 365, without requiring a separate quarantine or daily digest.
    • Insider Threat Protection – Scan internal email traffic to protect against insider attacks coming from compromised M365 accounts.
    • Scalability and Security – It is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which gives the benefit of the cloud platform’s scalability and added security capabilities.

    Extraordinary Support

    Vade Secure offers numerous resources to quickly onboard and enable partners:

    • Partner Portal – A hub for training, marketing collateral, and technical documentation. License provisioning is available to MSPs who aren’t using a cloud marketplace.
    • Training Academy – Online, role-based training, and certification allows sales, pre-sales, and support staff to become proficient at selling and managing Vade.
    • NFR license – Certified partners receive a free NFR license for one year with performance-based renewals to protect employees’ mailboxes while gaining firsthand experience with the product.
    • Technical support – While partners are expected to provide Level 1 support to clients, they have access to 24/7 email and phone support for more complex needs.

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    Talk to one of our Sales Consultant