In February, I went through a live experience focused on Cyber Attacks & Ransomware with the goal of building empathy for what many IT leaders think about everyday.

    As one of our focus partners, I’d love to bring this experience to you and the sales team if there is interest.


    Rosh Rayhaan by
    Rotana hotel Riyadh,

    A re-creation of a real life ransomware attack and the events that followed as the business tried to recover from the engineers to the board room. Our goal for the event is to allow attendees to experience firsthand the impact of a cyber-attack on a retailer, highlighting the risks associated with existing technical gaps and operational challenges in our customers and where we can help.

    It’s not a product pitch/death by powerpoint. It’s not perfect, but it is a realistic depiction of the complexity involved in discovering, managing and hopefully emerging from what happens all too often to organizations attacked by Ransomware.

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