Mindware | Forcepoint win 100
MW Forcepoint
Terms & Conditions:
  • A new logo deal is an opportunity for Forcepoint with an existing or new customer on a net new technology.
  • Rewards will be issued in the form of gift vouchers, within 60 days from the end date of the promotion, with the consent of the reseller’s management.
  • This incentive is capped at 10 deals or till the budget lasts, whichever is met first.
  • Mindware reserves the right to change or terminate the promo at any time during its validity.
  • Minimum deal size is $40,000.
For more info, contact your authorized distributor, Mindware FZ LLC,
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Tel.+971 4 450 0600 | E-mail: forcepoint@mindware.net
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