Gain visiblity, simplify threat detection and reduce dwell time

    NetWitness Logs provides instant visibility into log data spread across your entire IT environment simpliftying threat detection, reducing dwel time arnd supporting compliance. It enables centralized log management, log monitoring for logs generated by public clouds and Saas applications, and identification of suspicious activity that evades signature-based Security tools.

    Visibility across the ever-expanding digital landscape

    The key to network threat detection and fast threat response is comprehensive, real-time visibility into your entire IT infrastructure. NetWitness Network delivers this with full-packet capture, metadata and netflo-on premises, in the cloud and across virtual infrastructures. Detect and monitor emerging, targeted and unknown threats as they traverse the network. Plus, reconstruct entire network sessions for forensic investigations.

    Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

    NetWitness Endpoint monitors activity across all your endpoints on and off the network-providing deep visibility into their security state, and it prioritizes alerts when there is an issue. NetWitness Endpoint drastically reduces dwell time by rapidly detecting new and non-malware attacks that other EDR solutions miss, and it cuts the cost, time and scope of incident response.

    Applies behavior analytics to fast-track threat detection, investigation and response

    NetWitness Detect Al is a cloud-native SaaS offering that uses advanced behavior analytics and machine learning to quickly reveal unknown threats. It leverages network, endpoint and log data captured by NetWitness Platform to create a baseline of an organization's behaviors and IT usage and to identify deviations that indicate suspicious behavior and sophisticated threats.

    Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) for the efficient SOC

    NetWitness Orchestrator provides comprehensive security orchestration and automation (Q&A) to improve your security operations center's efficiency and effectiveness. Supported by hundreds of preconfigured and customizable playbooks. NetWitness Orchestrator empowers teams to collaborate and streamlines and automates incident response Inherent threat intelligence enables your SOC to better understand and act upon threats.

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